The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds


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Luke 15:1-3. 11-32
Laetare Sunday

1. Jesus rejects the idea that personal misfortune is God's punishment for sin. Yet a serious illness or accident can serve as a wake-up call for how we live our lives. How have such experiences given you a greater appreciation of the value of your life and relationships, and of the time and opportunities at your disposal?

2. ‘I'll wait till tomorrow to do that'. Have you ever said that and then found the chance is gone the next day? In the story we are called to recognise God at work in our lives and respond to Him. Now is the opportune moment. When have you been glad you did not put off action to the following day?

3. Perhaps there have been times when you saw yourself like the tree in the parable - useless, merely a waste of space, unable to achieve what you wanted. Think of friends who came to you at such a time, people who saw your potential and were prepared to give you another chance, people who also dug the soil around you and gave you the help you needed to grow. Perhaps in your turn you have been able to do this for others.

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