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The God of War

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I love stories told about children, or even better, told by children. They have an openness and freshness about them and they have their own individual way of interpreting stories they hear at church or at school, as the following example will show:-

David, a ten year old came home from school one day and told his mother that they had a new teacher for religious studies and he was absolutely fabulous, not like the last boring one. "What's so wonderful about this teacher?" asked his mum. "Well," said David, "For a start off, he tells us exciting stories and doesn't just read from the Bible." "But what sort of stories does he tell you?" inquired his mum. David replied, "Yesterday he told us an exciting war story about a man named Moses. Apparently, God sent Moses on a secret mission behind enemy lines, with orders to rescue the Israelites, who were being held to ransom by some wicked Egyptians. Then, in a daring night raid, he rescued them and brought then to the edge of the Red Sea, where he ordered his engineers to build a pontoon bridge. They completed building the bridge in only one day, then, after they had all crossed over, Moses saw the Egyptian tanks coming. Grabbing his radio, Moses contacted central command and requested an air strike on the bridge, in order to save the Israeli positions from being overrun by the enemy."

His mother, who had listened to this story with a great deal of doubt, then asked, "David, are you quite sure that's exactly how your teacher told you this story?" David replied, "Well not exactly, mum, but if I told you the version of the story he told us....You'd just never believe me!"

Children are priceless aren't they?

Published Sat 2nd Mar 2019 00:04:57
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