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Parish Magazine - Christmas 2018

The Journey to Bethlehem

Such is the highlight of this time of year when darkness and frost of the chill of the air becomes evident to see and experience those days and as nature has fallen asleep in response we ponder and reflect upon the story of life of those whom we love, befriend and care for where we journey together on a path that is before us through the leafless trees and cold and frigid surroundings with daylight shortened and evening time prolonged where every sunrise brings a new hope and direction to comfort us in the day that unfolds to be lived out with courage and faith to the sunset of evening that begins to set in where one ponders and reflects upon all that has happened with those we have met, cared for and helped during the passing day continuing the journey of hope and of peace for the light that will shine for all to see of one who is to come to bring us peace, mercy, joy and love of heart and to recognise in that great gift, God given to us in love of his Son to the World, to our lives and to our hearts every saving grace and goodness for all of us to be messengers of joy and hope to all and everyone to know and love in every way of what God had promised to send the world out of love for his family remembered in these days to come and on so special a day as Christmas Day to behold the Saviour of the World born of a Virgin to bring us light, happiness and peace for our world, our lives and our hearts.

In so great a gift from God brought to us let us welcome him with joy and praise once more and let his coming be renewed and find a special place in our hearts and for all who are near and dear to us this Christmas Time.

May the blessing of the Christ Child be upon you and yours and for all of us as the family of God in this Christmas Season.

God Bless You All
Fr. Pat

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