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Mtwaralinks projects in southern Tanzania continue to receive your generous support. Sister Tadea writes this Christmas, on behalf of the people of Tanzania who have benfited from your kindness, to say thank you. Since last Christmas we have sent £6845 to Mtwara in southern Tanzania. The money has been sent to Holy Redeemer Sisters whose Regional House is in Mtwara, close to where Caroline and I lived from 2010- 2013, but whose work with the poor covers a much wider rural region.

The Holy Redeemer Sisters have a number of smaller Houses around the region.

Attached to these Houses are kindergartens, training colleges, dispensaries and a small hospital. They probably serve directly and indirectly tens of thousands of people. The people of southern Tanzania are some of the poorest in the world. Most lack basic services, such as water, sanitation and electricity. Many have to walk long distances to access healthcare and school.

Mtwaralinks has agreed three areas of activity for support. We support the development around the remote village of Kilidu; we support sponsorship of students from families suffering financial hardship and we support a food programme which gives maize flour and beans to older, destitute people. In addition, we support ad hoc requests for sponsorship or micro loans where there is a clear and urgent need.
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Donardina is a young woman whose parents have died. With our support for her fees and living costs she is training as a Montessori kindergarten teacher.
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Village elder discuss progress with the primary school they are building. Mtwaralinks has supplied money to provide a roof for the building.
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Sister Tadea shows young novices how to plant rice. This rice will be used to feed many people in the various centres they run around the region.
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Maize flour - not sulphur as it says on these sacks - is the staple diet for millions of Tanzanians. Holy Redeemer Sisters give a monthly allocation to elderly destitute people in Mtwara.
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If you would like to support the work of Mtwaralinks, you can make a donation to the charity's bank account. A Standing Order mandate is available from Adrian Strain. If you'd like more information you can contact Adrian on 07817388332 or by email If you'd like to learn more about life in Tanzania, Adrian has published two books - one describing his and Caroline's time in Tanzania, the other, a short novel, called ‘Rose'. They are available from Amazon.

Adrian Strain

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