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St. Theresa's Guides (3rd Cross Gates)

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Sadly this is the last article I will be writing for Girl Guides. As the current leaders step down we have been unable to recruit new leaders meaning the unit will close at Christmas, and the Guides will be transferred to another unit. Fifteen years ago a group of Brownies had reached 10 years of age and about to leave. It was decided to open up a Guide unit. As I was currently running the Rainbow unit I volunteered to help run the Guide unit. This transpired into running the unit with Briege who also said she would "help". I have never been a Brownie or a Guide but fortunately Briege had been a Guide so we had a starting point. We used the badge books and training to get started. We have completed a number of official and unofficial Guide badges. As well as trying new activities we have tried to keep the traditional Guide activities alive. Some previous Guide leaders including Wynne Hirst and Carol Daley have joined us in the past to teach the girls the traditional songs and tips on camping.

After running the unit for a few years we were joined by Caroline, an experienced Guider. We learned how to do edible knots and made gadgets from the wood store we found in the cupboard. I have lost count of the number of camping trips we have done and weekends away at Guide and Scout activity centres. We have all had new experiences from climbing, abseiling and caving.

The Guides have been embracing the new program and enjoying the new activities. They are always asking to be in the kitchen, especially when bake off is on T.V. We have had a bake off making chocolate cookies. We had a go at making spring rolls which was easier than I thought. This week one group are finishing off a badge by making spaghetti bolognaise while the rest are making some Christmas biscuits.

6.2 st t guidesWe are finishing the term off with some Christmas crafts. Our last session will be a meal for all the Guides and Rangers. Some of the Guides will be moving up to Rangers in the New Year. Our current Guides are able to move to other local units and will hopefully return to our Ranger unit.

Historically St. Theresa's has always had a Guide unit but due to various reasons has now had to close its doors. Hopefully the closure of the Guide unit may only be a temporary one until new volunteers are found.

6.1 st t guidesYours in Guiding,

Published Sat 22nd Dec 2018 17:12:00
Last Modified on Thu 10th Jan 2019 02:00:17

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