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Giving Time to Love and Serve

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SVPDear Parishioners of Blessed John Henry Newman,

As we come to the end of another year the three conferences would like to thank all our friends and fellow parishioners for the fantastic support we have received during the last year.

Without the generous practical and financial assistance we receive from so many people in so many ways we would not be able to provide our support to those in need in our Parish and community.

In July we made an urgent appeal for food for the St. Vincent Support Centre on York Road. They were struggling to feed families during the school holidays and BJHN parish made a huge contribution (7 car loads) to which the centre sent their sincere appreciation.

Inspired by the life of St. Vincent de Paul and following the example of our founder Blessed Frederic Ozanam, our aim is to tackle poverty in all its forms through the provision of practical assistance to those in need.

The concept of need or poverty is broader than financial hardship. Thus a fundamental element of our local work is to visit and where necessary support people of any faith and back- ground who are sick, lonely, housebound or simply overwhelmed by any form of need.

With this purpose in mind each conference visits 10 to 15 people on a regular basis. Some of these people we have known for years, others we may be meeting for the first time. They may be living in their own home, a residential care home or in hospital. The essence of this work is person-to-person contact and spending time with people is our greatest gift and greatest reward.

In addition to our regular visits we organise and support other events to bring together our circle of friends and beneficiaries. In 2018 here are some of the events we were engaged with:
befriending people in need is at the heart of what we do

  • Masses for the sick and housebound
  • Reconciliation Service in Lent
  • SVP Sponsored Walk at Wetherby
  • 2 tea and entertainment events at the SVSC
  • Summer outings to Temple Newsam and Manston Park
  • Two free holiday weeks, with transport to & from the SVP Holiday Home for families
  • Financial and Practical support to the Children's camp in August : our Parish sent 7 young people this summer.
  • Financial support for day outings and holiday events to families during the holidays
  • Emergency winter support kits (Vinnie Packs) for the homeless
  • Financial support to SVP conferences in India with whom we are ‘Twinned'
  • Financial and practical support to two Syrian refugee families.
  • Gift boxes, toys and hampers to families at Christmas and Easter
  • Support to the WYDAN night shelter held in October.
  • White goods and furniture supplied to several families and single people
  • 4 vouchers for decorating and house repairs
  • Practical support for a family and 2 single people moving house.
  • Transport to and from Mass, hospital appointments and to visit friends.

Members Donations - £574.56Those in need - £2,050.00
Gift Aid - £360.00Masses and events - £85.00
Second Collection - £1,200.00SVP Support Payments - £129.91
Non-Member - £460.00Spiritual Development - £20.00
Total - £2,594.56Total - £2,284.91

Across the country the society is growing steadily, however we are always on the lookout for new members. Increasing our membership will enable us to achieve our goal of helping and supporting people facing a daily struggle for whatever reason. Whilst volunteering can be a challenge, it is equally rewarding. As a member you will always have the support of your conference as well as belonging to a National Charity which offers on-going support, training and resources. A conference meets weekly for an hour and we usually make a visit before the meeting but I would like to stress that many members are working people, family people and people with other commitments so they cannot attend every week and cannot always visit every week. Our work is strictly private and confidential.

There are many ways to put faith into action and joining the SVP is one of them. If you are interested in hearing more or an informal, friendly chat then please contact one of the members (numbers in parish directory) or call in or telephone the parish office.

Also just as important - you may know of a family member, friend, neighbour or work colleague who may benefit from our society. When it is not in our area of expertise we always sign-post the person to where they can get advice and help. Our main concern is people living alone who do not get out as much as they would like to or do not receive too many visitors if their family and friends may have moved away. Please do let the SVP know of any person who would appreciate a befriending visit. All our work is strictly private and confidential.

Again with our thanks and wishing you all a Happy and Blessed Advent and Christmas.

Gaynor Markham
St. Vincent de Paul Society, Blessed John Henry Newman Parish

Published Sat 22nd Dec 2018 16:51:17
Last Modified on Sun 23rd Dec 2018 23:27:58

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