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A child's Christmas chat with Jesus

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Little Jesus were you shy
Once, and just as small as I?
And what did it feel like to be
Out of heaven and just like me?
Did you sometimes think of there
And ask where all the angels were?
I should think that I would cry
For my house all made of sky.
I would look about the air
And wonder where those angels were.
And on my waking it would upset me
Not an angel there to dress me.
Did you ever have any toys
Like us young girls and boys.
And did you play in heaven with all
The angels that were not too tall ?
And did your mother let you spoil
Your robes, with playing on our soil?
How nice to have them always new
In heaven where all was clear blue.
Did you kneel at night to pray
And did you join your hands this way?
And did they tire sometimes, being young
And make the prayer seem very long.
And did you like it best that we
Should join our hands to pray to thee?
And did your mum at the night
Kiss you and tuck the cloths in right?
And did you feel quite good in bed
Kissed and sweet, with your prayers said?
So, a little child, come down
And hear my thoughts, like your own.
Take me by the hand and walk
And listen to my childish talk.
To your father show my prayer
(He will look - you are so fair)
And say "Oh father, I, your son
Bring a prayer from a little one.

(Original by Thompson - edited by POB)

Published Sat 22nd Dec 2018 13:23:53
Last Modified on Thu 10th Jan 2019 02:02:12

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