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15th St. Theresa's Scout Group

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All the Uniform Groups are doing very well, and have enjoyed a wonderful year through 2018. Where the time goes when your enjoying yourself nobody knows!!!

The boys and girls of all groups have been taking part in lots of activities and have fun and laughter all the way while gaining badges too.

The Cubs and Scouts have been away on various weekend camps and hikes and have had a great time doing loads of Scouting activities, like camping, cooking, knotting, lashes, hiking and the most important thing on the activity list, ‘Having Fun'.

The Cubs have taken on a new leader these past couple of years due to myself working shifts and not being home in time for Cub meetings. Rachel Pound has taken on the role of CSL (Cub Scout Leader) and I must give her praise for doing such a wonderful job.

Praise and thanks must also go to ALL OTHER LEADERS and YOUNG LEADERS of Beavers and Scouts who endlessly and tirelessly give their free time to help and teach all members of St. Theresa's Scout Group. Without them I'm sure that there would be quite a few bored lads and lasses at home wishing they had something to do and somewhere to go.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask all of the parents out there who have a Son or Daughter/Grandson or Granddaughter in one of our groups - "Do YOU have a skill that could be passed on to our young group members over a period of time?" It may be woodwork, baking, cooking, life skills, crafts etc, the list could go on forever. If you think you are capable of passing on your skills to our uniform group members then please get in touch with any uniform leader to discuss your thoughts and maybe arrange a visit to see the uniform groups.

Now comes the boring bit. If you can/do volunteer to help at any of our group meetings then you will need to undergo an Enhanced DBS Disclosure Screening (which I'm sure you'll pass with flying colours).

Talking of boring, I'm sure a lot of you will have heard of the new GDPR regulations. This is something that has been brought in from Europe and it's all about how to collect, store, use, share, and destroy all or any of the personal information/data that is taken when your child joins/leaves one of our uniform groups.

You will be happy to learn that ALL Uniform Leaders have recently completed a training course on the new GDPR rules and regulations and ALL have passed.

If you have a child who you think would enjoy being a part of The Worldwide Family of Scouting then don't be scared and get in touch.

Beavers 6yrs - 8yrs = Nick Brady Tel 07736-220712
Cubs 8yrs - 10yrs = Rachel Pound Tel 07794-248918
Scouts 10yrs - 14yrs Andy Pound Tel 07718-046675

 clip art scouts crossing a wallI would also like to say a BIG Thank You to ALL parents for your support throughout the last year. It really is very much appreciated.

All of the Uniform Leaders would like to Wish You a Very Happy and Blessed Christmas and New Year.

Yours in Scouting

Kevin Gairn (Acting GSL)

Published Sat 22nd Dec 2018 10:09:34
Last Modified on Thu 10th Jan 2019 02:02:43

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