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Parish Pastoral Council Minutes 13th November 2018

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The meeting started with a Prayer prepared by Fr. G
Apologies: None
Minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved.
Action from the previous meeting

"The art of accompaniment". There are 2 points:
1. Celebrate Church and 2. Celebrate life example.
We should "Seek to be well balanced and draw strength and vision from both equally and have a Christ centred approach" Fr. Pat read a short reflection from the booklet which each PPC member has. (Action point to continue to read the booklet)

Mass count:

Continues for the near future. All details being collated and will look at details in about 6 months. (Action point)

Youth & Family Ministry BGT Feedback
  • The BGT will not happen next Summer due to St. Theresa's school having a large Mass as the old school closes.
  • A suggestion that we should have the BGT every 2 years.
  • A decision was to defer the BGT until 2020. (Action point)
  • Ben to feed back to John Hutchinson & Wendy Walsh.
  • The Family Group video a date to be decided for the next showing.

Adoremus National Eucharistic Pilgrimage & Congress September 2018

Article which was published in the last parish magazine gave a good overview of the Congress.

One thing that stood out to Carol which all can do is "If everyone attended one extra service/Mass each week and offered it up for someone who can't get to church or even offered a prayer for someone every day we can make a difference."

There was a talk given which explained the Mass. We all attend Mass and take it for granted but the explanation brought it out more and people didn't realise the meaning so much. Could this be used in the parish? (Action point)

Refugees Crisis meeting in the Parish - Night shelter
  • A positive experience of Christians working together.
  • The Newman Centre was said to be well set up. We were the first Catholic Church to offer its facilities.
  • Over £1,400 was collected for the week.
  • Thank you to all who helped within the parish and churches together communities to help make the whole week a great success.
  • Also thank you to all who contributed financially and with goods. This has helped a great deal
  • The timing of event was important to ensure it could be accommodated in the centre,the timing would be carefully considered if this is to be hosted again in the future
  • Wonderful experience meeting the guests.

PPC - AGM 2018
A copy of an overview of the year from September 2017 - September 2018 was issued to the PPC members at the last meeting for consideration.

It was suggested that the overview could be issued in place of any AGM with addition of some
statistics. (Action point)

Confirmation - There are 84 candidates for Confirmation which will take place on 7th February 2019 at Corpus Christi Church by Bishop Marcus Stock. Preparation of the children has started and they are now into the 5th session. Sessions are at St. Theresa's Primary School, Corpus Christi Primary School and 3 sessions in the Newman Centre.

Journey in Faith - A welcome meeting will be on 22nd November for anyone who is looking at becoming a Catholic or those wishing to know more about their own faith. Meetings will be every 2 weeks until Christmas and weekly after Christmas until Easter. Michael Clayton will lead the journey with support from Carol Daley and possibly others.

PPC Members: Marion Waller (St. Gregory's) & Moira Wager (Corpus Christi) have both completed a 3 year term on the PPC. Both have said they would be willing to stand for re-election. Nominees from the 2 churches are required and should anyone come forward to stand then elections will take place before Christmas. All other members of the PPC who are in midterms are willing to continue to complete their term of 3 years. (Action point)

Palestine: Food for Thought - are we willing to have a simple Palestinian food tasting? This could be in the next parish magazine to ask any parish groups if they would like to invite them to go to their groups. A donation collection may be taken at these events. (Action point)

Any other business:
A letter has been received regarding speaking at Mass. Over the last 18 months there have been a number of appeals at Masses. The clergy received many comments on the length of time Mass was taking due to these appeals and the number of notices being read out. The Parish Team discussed this matter and a suggestion was that the Priest should speak and ask the congregation to speak to the group members at the end of Mass. Also the number of important notices has been reduced to save a few minutes. We must remember the reason why we are at Church to attend Mass and keep the time sacred.

Some groups of the parish would like to speak and thank the people and explain their work to the congregation gathered at Mass (like the SVP). It was suggested items can also go onto the weekly bulletin or magazine.

There were three suggestions/proposals that came forward as was discussed by the PPC.

1. Allow a member of groups of the parish to speak for no more than 2 minutes about their group or appeal with the agreement of the Parish Priest, and members from the group could be present at the end of Mass to speak to the people. This could take place every 3 years. On the weekend that these take place no other presentation/activities should be arranged for that weekend.

2. That the clergy could speak/present briefly on any group within the parish if needed and then refer the parishioners to the members of the group at the back of church to speak to them.

3. Priests and Lay people from outside national charities as with the Diocesan Appeal which come to the parish to make a pre-arranged appeal will be allowed to speak from the pulpit for a short period of time with agreement of the Parish Priest.

This to be referred back to the Parish Team for a policy to be drawn up and is decided and a reply letter is sent to the sender. In the meantime a holding letter will be sent to the sender. (Action point)

Fr. Pat asked that a Thank you to everyone in the parish who respond to the many appeals and second collections be minuted.

What is a parish bulletin? - It should be explained that it is more than a newsletter, it can also be used for prayer and reflection during the week and should be taken home.

Family Poverty Workshop - to be deferred to the next meeting as time ran out. (Action point).

The meeting closed with a prayer at 8.20pm
Prayers for the next meeting will be prepared by Sharon Smith
Next Meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council - Tuesday 22nd January 2019
Proposed dates for 2019 - Tuesday
19th March 2019, 14th May 2019, 16th July 2019, 17th Sept 2019, 12th Nov 2019

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