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Man’s Best Friend

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They say that the British are a nation of pet lovers. I have had dogs for about thirty years and since my wife died I have found my dog to be a wonderful companion and friend. One of my neighbours is a cat lover as he said they don't need walks and are very independent creatures.

Today's story is all about a man looking for pet that doesn't need a lot of looking after. So one day he visited his local pet shop to see what was on offer. Looking around he saw rabbits, mice and various other animals in cages, then his eyes alighted on a colourful parrot looking directly at him with its head on one side. He thought this is just what I am looking for and asked the pet shop owner, "Does this parrot talk? "Never stops talking," said the pet shop owner. "Well he hasn't spoken while I've been here," said the man. "That's because he's a bit shy, when you get him home he'll soon start talking" replied the shop owner. The man took the bird home, but returned to the shop three weeks later, "This parrot still doesn't talk," said the man. The shop owner said he was probably bored, buy him a swing and he will soon perk up.

Two weeks later the man again visited the pet shop, "This parrot still isn't speaking" he said. The man in the shop said, "Oh! I know what's wrong with him, parrots are like budgies, they like to look at themselves all of the time, so buy him a mirror and he'll spend all day looking at himself and talking away."

Three weeks later the man returns to the shop and states, "That parrot you sold me has just died." "I'm sorry to hear that," said the shop owner. "As a matter of interest did it ever say anything before it died?" the man looked at him for a moment and replied, "Yes, just before it fell off his perch and died the parrot uttered these immortal words, "Doesn't that pet shop you keep going back and forward too, sell any bird food?".

Jesus said," I am the bread of life; he who believes in me shall never die."

Published Sat 8th Dec 2018 01:46:15
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