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Serving Others.

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I recently read an article by an American called Michael Bruner and he writes how, as a brash young college student he once attended a lecture given by a former U.S. Attorney General. He says, "Afterwards I approached him and asked if we could meet for a coffee sometime, to my surprise he said "How about tomorrow?" We met and talked for over an hour, with me peppering him with all sorts of questions. I asked him what is was like to be the Attorney General in the 60's with all the problems of that time and about all the famous people he had met. I then asked who he considered to be the greatest person he had ever met. He replied, "I don't think of people in those terms'" he went on to tell me something I have never forgotten.

He said, "Don't ever seek to be the greatest, but seek instead to do great things. For if you aspire to greatness, your greatness will die with you. But you aspire to do great things your legacy will live on. The only way you can do this, is by being a servant, learn to lead by serving and you will indeed do great things in your life."

"I was too young in the faith to realise he had taken these words from Scripture, Jesus was the embodiment of servant leadership. He didn't just tell his disciples what they should do; he did it along with them." As I left the hotel that morning and waited to cross a busy street, a blind man with his Labrador dog came and stood alongside me. I stared at the beautiful Labrador, his senses alert, his sole purpose in life was to serve his master. The lights changed to green and the dog gently led his master across the road. I then realised that God had sent me a living parable and I learned another lesson that morning.

"Pursue great things, not greatness and lead by serving others."

Published Sat 10th Nov 2018 00:19:52
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