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The Wonder of Water.

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The Bible makes many references to water, the parting of the Red Sea by Moses, Jesus walking on water to reach his disciples in the fishing boat and the turning of water into wine at the wedding feast in Canaan. Which brings us to today's little story which funnily enough, is also about water.

A young man treats himself to a new open topped sports car and takes it out for a spin. He zooms up and down the motorway soon reaching 80mph; the wind is blowing in his hair and his new hi-fi stereo system is blasting out the latest pop music. After an hour or so of driving up and down the M1, he decides that the car handles rather well at speed, but needs to be tested out on country lanes. He heads for the Yorkshire Dales and is soon negotiating narrow winding lanes set amidst pretty villages and sheep lined fields. Slowing down to a crawl as he swing round a tight bend he is confronted by a stream, but the wooden bridge crossing it had collapsed. Sitting on a hill above the stream there was an old farmer puffing away at his pipe, with his dog by his side. The young man asked, "How deep is the stream?" "Not very," replied the farmer. "Can I drive my car through it?" "Yes I reckon you can," said the farmer. The young man slowly drives down the gravel track and into the stream. All goes well until he reaches the middle, when his car slowly starts to sink, with water pouring into the vehicle and over his new leather seats. The car disappears from view, leaving the man very annoyed and very wet, as he begins to swim to the shore. The farmer is still sitting smoking his pipe, quite unmoved by the young man's plight. The angry wet motorist shouted at him "You told me the stream wasn't very deep, I've now lost my brand new car." "Yes it's funny that," replied the farmer, "Normally the water only reaches half way up my ducks when they swim in it!"

Jesus told us, "Unless you are born of water and the Spirit You cannot enter the Kingdom of God."

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