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The Nosy Barber

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A business man called into his usual barber for a haircut before his next business trip. Making himself comfortable in the barber's chair, he waited for the barber to begin. The barber arrives and as he started snipping away, he asked the man, "Where are you off to next then?" The man replied that he was going to Rome. "What airline are you using?" the man replied he was travelling with B.A. The barber sniffed and then said, "They must be one of the worst airlines in the world, they never arrive in time, you should travel by Air Italia and they are much more efficient." Snipping away he then asked, "Where are you staying in Rome?" The man replied, "The Grand Central Hotel." "Oh I wouldn't stay there, the food is awful," responds the barber. He is silent for a couple of minutes and then says, "I hope you were not hoping to see the Pope on your visit, as you have no chance."

A few weeks later the business man returned and the barber asked, "How was your trip?" "It was fantastic the plane was on time and I travelled business class, with really comfortable seats, complimentary wine and excellent cabin service. You were also wrong about the Grand Central hotel, the food was superb and it lived up to its name, it was grand. Surprisingly I also managed an audience with the Pope." The barber now obviously impressed asked, "What did the Pope say to you?" "Well," said the man, "He said something deep and meaningful that will remain with me for the rest of my life. As I knelt down for a Papal Blessing, the Holy Father put his hands on my head and said." The man paused as if overcome with emotion. "Go on," said the barber, "What did he say?" "The Holy Father put his hands on my head and said," again he paused, "He said, "My son, where did you get that haircut, it's the worst I've ever seen."

As the turning of the leaves brings us into a new season, we ask God to renew our spirit and let our actions speak the truth of His love.

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