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The Golfer.

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Golf has always seemed to me to be a strange game, with grown men trying to knock a small ball into a hole, just so they have an excuse to down a few drinks at the clubhouse with their friends. Sometimes though golf can have unexpected results as this week's story will show.

Ed and Dorothy met whilst on a singles cruise and Ed instantly fell in love with her and they spent the entire cruise together. When he discovered that they lived only a few miles away from each other in New York, Ed was ecstatic but like all good things the cruise ended. Within a few weeks of the cruise ending Ed had taken Dorothy to nightclubs, concerts, restaurants, movies and museums. He was now fully convinced that this woman was to be his lifetime soul mate and every date he had with her seemed better than the last.

Two months after they had met on the cruise, he took Dorothy out to the most expensive restaurant he could find, carrying a diamond ring in his pocket. They finished their meal and were enjoying a glass of wine, when Ed said to her. "I guess you can tell that I'm very much in love with you, but before I ask you to marry me, there's something you ought to know about me. I'm a total golf nut, I play golf most days and I read about golf and watch golf on the TV. In short I eat, sleep and breathe golf. I hope this isn't going to put you off me, but I felt it was something you ought to know."

Dorothy took a deep breath and then said, "Ed that won't be a problem, I love you just as you are and I also play golf. I'm sorry Ed but there's something about my past I think you ought to know about me. You see before we met I spent five years as a hooker." "I see," said Ed whilst thoughtfully sipping on his wine and looking down at the table. Suddenly he looked up and said, "Don't worry about it, It's probably because you're not keeping your wrist straight when you hit the ball, with a bit of practice we can soon sort that out."

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