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The Perils Of Adultery

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I'm sure we have all wondered at some time, when we die and meet our Lord; will we also meet with our loved ones and friends? But perhaps it isn't always a good thing to meet up with your friends in heaven.

Margaret and Jean had been close friends all their lives, been at school together and studied at the same university, even sharing their boyfriends sometimes. They both married rich business men and lived in large houses not far from each other in the leafy suburbs of London. Then suddenly Margaret died and upon arriving in heaven, the first person she met was her friend Jean. "Fancy meeting you here" she said, "What did you die of?" "I froze to death," replied her friend, "That's horrible, what an awful way to die." Jean said, "it wasn't too bad, after I stopped shaking from the cold, I began to feel warm and sleepy and had quite a peaceful death really. So what happened to you?"

Margaret replied, "I died from a massive heart attack, brought on by my husband's adultery. I suspected he had been cheating on me for some time, so I came home early one day and found him sitting in the lounge watching television." "So what happened?" asked Jean. Margaret replied, "I was sure there was another woman in the house, as I could smell her perfume in every room, so I starting searching all over the house. I ran upstairs, looked in every room, I searched every cupboard, wardrobe and closet, I even looked under the bed, but although I could still smell her perfume there was no sign of the other woman. Finally, I was so exhausted; I had a massive heart attack and died."

Her friend looked at her for quite a while before replying, "When you say you looked everywhere in the house, I don't suppose you realise that if you had looked inside the chest freezer in the kitchen, then we'd both be still alive now?"

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