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The Meaning of Life

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I love stories by children or about children, because they always ask the most vital questions.

There was a little girl who was curious about how the human race came into existence. One day she asked her mother, "Mummy, where did we all come from?" Her mother replied, "Do you remember when we sprinkled some seeds in the garden last year, then later on all those flowers grew. Well daddy planted some seeds inside mummy's tummy and instead of flowers, a little baby was made and that's how you were born.

"Well where did everyone else come from?" asked the little girl. Feeling she was getting herself into an even bigger hole, her mother said, "When God created heaven and earth and all the animals, he created a man called Adam who lived in the Garden of Eden. Then because the man was so lonely, God took out one of his ribs and created a woman called Eve and then they had children and their children had children and so on until the world was populated."

The little girl was by now very confused by these answers and approached her father and asked," Daddy where do we all come from? Mummy says it's something to do with garden seeds and someone called Adam. Her father replied, "That's all rubbish, do you remember the last time I took you to the zoo and we saw all those monkeys which you liked so much. Well we all started out as monkeys and after a long time their bodies began to change shape, they lost their hair and became human and that's where we all come from."

Even more confused the little girl returned to her mother and said "Mummy, daddy says we all come from monkeys, so where does Adam and Eve fit into it?" Her mother replied, "Oh, when I told you we came from Adam and Eve I was only telling you where my side of the family came from, your daddy did indeed come from monkeys."

"Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a little child, shall not enter it."

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