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A Success or A Failure.

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How do you judge success or failure? Is it by the size of the bank balance? The importance of the job, or the size of the house or car that matters most. You can certainly be judged successful in our materialistic world by having all those things, but what is failure? Are the people who devote their lives to helping others for little or no reward considered to be a failure? Certainly not in God's eyes.

Many of the world's most successful people were at one time considered to be failures. A banker in Iowa once laughed at Alexandra Graham Bell when he asked for finance for his new invention. The banker told him, "Remove that toy from my desk immediately." The toy of course was the telephone. Talk about missing an investment opportunity!

A movie producer once scrawled the word "Reject" across the screenplay of "Gone with the wind," because he said it had no commercial potential.

Then there was an American company called Sears & Roebuck and after a few years one of the partners Mr Roebuck sold all his shares in the company for &25,000 stating that the company would never make any money. The company took off and in its heyday it was selling &4,000 worth of goods every second of every day.

So are we a success or a failure? We are all successful as we have everything every winner in history ever had - plus God on our side, so how could we fail? This is the God of the Red Sea, the lion's den and the walls of Jericho and it is our God. So we should lift our eyes from the rear view mirror and start looking to the future with confidence. In spite of all we've been through in our lives, we're still a walking, talking, living miracle of God's grace. He must have kept us around for a reason, so we should try to find out what it is and pour our life into it. So what do we need to look at today? We need to make more time for God in our lives and we need to always speak of faith, instead of sometimes being a "Doubting Thomas."

"If you devote your heart to will lift up your face without shame; You will stand firm and without any fear."

Published Sat 21st Jul 2018 11:15:19
Last Modified on Sat 21st Jul 2018 11:15:19

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