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The Word This Week - Luke 1:57-66, 80

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Luke 1:57-66, 80

1. The birth of John the Baptist was an occasion of great joy for family and friends. Recall occasions when you celebrated the arrival of a baby. What thoughts and feelings did you have? Use the memory to reflect on the wonder of your own life and give thanks for it.

2. There is often a story behind the name given to a child. What story lies behind your name? Perhaps it says something of the hopes your parents had for you, or the memories they wanted you toretain.

3. ‘What will this child become?' The Baptist was to become a herald pointing the way to Jesus. In our turn we are also called to point people towards a better way of life. Recall times when you were able to point somebody in a direction that helped. Give thanks for those who have done the same for you.

4. The child grew and the hand of the Lord was with him. As you look back on your own growth and development, were there things that happened about which you now say ‘the hand of the Lord was with me there'?

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