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The Word This Week - Mark 3:20-35

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Mark 3:20-35

1. Looking on at what Jesus was doing, some of his family thought he was out of his mind. When you think of successful initiatives that you took in your life, were there times when people thought you were a little crazy? Perhaps some regard your interest in faith, or church, in the same way? What sustained you in those circumstances?

2. Successful ventures can arouse jealousy as well as admiration. Jesus was often the target of the jealousy of religious leaders. They questioned his motivation. When have you seen your good efforts, or the good efforts of others, spoiled by the jealousy or hostility of some? Did it help when there were people prepared to stand together in face of the criticism?

3. For many people their blood family provides an enduring, reliable and supportive network. Jesus had another family: those of one mind and heart with him in seeking to do God's will. When and where have you experienced encouragement from people of shared vision and faith?

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