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A Window View.

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Two men were in hospital, having been seriously injured in car accidents. Neil was allowed to sit in a chair near the window for an hour each day, to help to drain the fluid from his lungs. The other man John was confined to his bed due to severe injuries and was beginning to suffer from depression. During his hourly visit to the window Neil would describe to his room-mate all the colourful things he could see out of the window and John used to look forward to those one hour periods and would feel less depressed by Neil's description of the world outside. He heard all about the park with the lovely lake were ducks and swans played in the water and children sailed their model boats. Grand old trees graced the landscape and the antics of golfers on the nearby golf course were described in great humour. As Neil related all in exquisite detail, John would close his eyes and imagine it all for himself.

Weeks passed, then one morning the nurse arrived to find that Neil had died peacefully in his sleep. She was saddened by his death and as the porters came to take the body away, she tried to comfort John who mourned the loss of his friend. As soon as it seemed appropriate, John asked the nurse if his bed could be moved next to the window. The nurse said she was happy to oblige, moved his bed and after making him comfortable, she left the room. John found the switch and raised his bed up to look at the world outside. Instead of a park with ducks and a beautiful golf course, he found himself looking at the hospital car park. When the nurse returned he asked her why Neil had lied to him all these months, the nurse said that Neil had been blinded in his accident, but didn't tell John as he wanted to try and help to lift him out of his depression.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

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