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Love Your Neighbour.

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As followers of Christ we all try to live our lives in the manner of true disciples, but sometimes when we are put to the test....we fail. We do not always show love, compassion and forgiveness in our lives, as Christ always shows to us.

There is a story told about a king who had no children to succeed him on the throne.

So, he sent messengers to post signs in every town and village in his kingdom, inviting young men to apply for an interview with king. This way, the king hoped to be able to appoint a successor before he died, but the candidate must be able to show a love of God and their neighbour.

A young man saw one of the signs and decided to apply, but he was so poor that he didn't have any decent cloths to wear for an interview with a king. He got round this problem by borrowing some clothes and provisions for the journey from his friends. He had no horse and so on foot he made it to the king's castle in three weeks. As he neared the castle, he saw a poor beggar sitting by the side of the road, the beggar held out his hand and cried, "I'm cold and hungry, please help me." The young man was deeply moved by his plight and gave him his outer clothing and all the food he had left.

Reaching the castle, the guards took him inside and told him to wait until the king was ready to receive him, which took some time. Then he was summoned to see the king, upon entering the room he knelt down, but the king told him to stand up and there before him seated on the throne sat the old beggar from the roadside.

The king said, "My son, you have proven yourself to be a man of great compassion who will look after my people and be worthy to sit on my throne." He then commanded the servants to dress the boy in the finest of clothes, as befits a prince and future king.

"Life in Christ is a life of love."

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