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The Pilgrimage

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A Catholic family with two children liked to holiday in the Greek islands every year, but as their children were growing up fast, they were planning to do something different this year. Their father suggested that they take the children on a pilgrimage to visit Italy and then on to the Holy Land, to visit places the children had only read about in the Bible. The rest of the family thought this was a brilliant idea and so the booking was made.

The first stop on their tour had to be Italy, Rome and The Vatican, the residence of The Holy Father. This was a city steeped in history and the children just loved it, although they didn't see the Pope, they took dozens of photographs. Then it was on to Assisi, were the children saw the tomb of St Francis. Next stop to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Florence and the Cathedral of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, after the visit there was just enough time for some shopping and then it was delicious ice creams all round.

Then it was on to the Holy Land, to Bethlehem the birth place of Jesus, which really had the children all excited. Then one day they found themselves walking by the Sea of Galilee and thought a boat trip might be relaxing. They asked a boatman how much he would charge for a trip, he told them it was £50 each, "But that's a rip off to charge £200 for a family for a boat trip." said the father. "No sir," said the boatman, "You have to realise it was from this very spot that Jesus walked on the water to reach his disciples on the fishing boat." The pilgrim smiled at him and replied, "If you were charging the same prices then, I'm not surprised that Jesus decided to walk on the water."

"Follow me and I will make you fishers of men."

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