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Parish Pastoral Council for Blessed John Henry Newman 13th March 2018

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The meeting started with a Prayer prepared by Carol Daley
Apologies: Sharon Smith

Minutes from previous meeting were read and approved.

Action from the previous meeting - Carol Daley. "The art of accompaniment".

In 2017 a meeting was held at Hinsley Hall with Bill Huebsch the author of the book titled "The art of accompaniment".
This was well attended by members of our own parish. This book is appropriate due to the way forward of preparation for the young people in the parish for the sacraments. The catechists have had an opportunity to learn more about this.
The book is split into 4 sections and is useful for the parish to get groups of people together to discuss the contents.
This helps us how to be more evangelisation encouraging people to get to know each other and encourage others to join the church.
We should encourage people to come forward and make themselves known to each other. Do we say hello to people next to us?
Parishioners should be a little more outgoing when coming to Mass.
Each member of the PPC has been given a book to look at. Members are asked to look at the book and come back to next meeting with 1 idea.
Our parish continues to do a lot.
Place this on the agenda for the next meeting with Carol to prepare some more details. (Action point)

Youth & Family Ministry

  • BGT Big Get Together 2018 Received feedback from Paddy Bradley with guidance. Booked at St Theresa's primary school for 24th June with Mass at 11.00am. This is the feast of The Nativity of John the Baptist. There are readings suitable for children.
    A look to be taken at the readings for the day with a possibility of a change.
    Looking for a theme for the event around the Eucharist.
    Also looked at what we wanted to achieve from the event.
    Letter to be sent to the parents of the children of our 3 schools in the parish. To be signed by Fr Pat and the Parish Council Chair Ben Science & Paddy Bradley as Convener. The letter shown needs to be amended before printing.
    There will be 1 meeting with the teachers of the schools then a further meeting with the parish.
    Confirmed Fran Hughes is available to support with the music.
    On the day there will be a simple feedback questionnaire.
    The next subcommittee meeting is on the 21st March at Ben's house . Open invite to the PPC, just let Ben know in advance.

Easter Services:

  • Services will be the same as 2017
  • Overflow carpark for Thursday evening will be at St Theresa's primary school.

Devotional Services:

  • See Liturgical Calendar on each church notice board.
  • Vocation service: All of us have a vocation in life. This day is set aside for prayer for the Vocation to the Priesthood.

Youth & Family Ministry

  • Very successful Stations of the Cross at St Gregory's during this Lent
  • Family Groups video was shown at the Corpus Christi Tea & Coffee morning on the 25th February.
    Not many from our other churches came. Families do not come and stay for tea & coffee.
    It was said that Families do stay at St Gregory's.
    Do we repeat the video at the other churches? Possibly show after the homily during Sunday Masses. It is a very powerful video. We need to look at what equipment is needed to show this to the parishioners.

Refugees Crisis meeting in the Parish - Night shelter

  • There is a further meeting this week on this matter.
  • Is there a possibility of hosting the Night shelter in the parish?
  • The refugees arrive at 5pm and leave at 9.45am the next morning. This is Monday to Monday.
  • Full arrangement can be set up in one month.
  • If it is decided we can support this within the parish this would be ecumenical and supported by Churches Together.
  • If using the Newman Centre Planning with regular users' needs to be considered. Refer request to Mike England by Tony Pickles in order to consider the logistics. (Action point)

Catechist formation Course

  • Preparation here in the parish on the "Family Catechisi"
  • Open to everyone in the parish. There are 3 session and all 3 sessions MUST be attended.
  • Carol asked about the Catechists who take the Journey in Faith course and who they are left out at meetings and feel they have a large role to play when parents will need preparation to prepare they children.

Adoremus National Eucharistic Pilgrimage & Congress September 2018

  • Fr Peter Kravos and Fr Sean Crawley in the Diocese are dealing with this for the Diocese of Leeds.
  • Fr Pat said the full timetable is expected soon for the 3 days.
  • We have been allocated 7 places and this will be offered as 3 St Theresa's 2 St Gregory's 2 Corpus Christi.
  • Places must be taken as soon as possible.
  • 5 Sessions to be delivered in the parish before September about the Eucharist.

World meeting for Families in Ireland in August 2018:

  • Prayers in solidarity are needed for this to be a success.
  • Posters and prayer cards will be issued nearer the time of the event.

Mass count:

  • It has been suggested that we count the Mass attendance over a longer period.
  • The count to start on the 8th April and a log in each church to arranged. Useful with a comment after each Mass re weather, event elsewhere, celebration during Mass. (Action point)
  • Sr. Nora commented that the numbers at St Gregory's have been low over a number of months.


  • It has been suggested for a number of years that people have not visited the other Christian churches in our area.
    It was decided to have a pilgrimage around all the churches within the Churches Together East Leeds.
    There has been a passport produced for people to take between the churches which will be on 21st April.
    The church opening times are in the passport. Refreshments will be provided in some of the churches.
    There will also be guides to show visitors around the church.
    The pilgrimage will finish on Sunday 22nd April at St James Manston with a Songs of Praise at 4pm.
    If anyone can help man one of our churches please let Mary know so details can be passed to on to Tony.
  • Community Hub will be open in due course in the old Cielo CafĂ© in the Shopping centre in Crossgates.

The meeting closed with a prayer at 8.35pm
Prayers for the next meeting will be prepared by Marion Waller
Next Meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council - Tuesday 1st May.

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