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Too Much Of A Good Thing.

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One day a woman was walking by the river, when she accidently dropped her wedding ring into the water. She cried out and burst into tears, then God suddenly appeared before her and asked, "My dear child why are you crying?" She told him about the ring and how much it meant to her. Without another word the Lord dipped his hand into the water and brought up a beautiful diamond ring, "Is this your ring?" he asked. "No Lord it isn't" replied the woman. The Lord dipped his hand into the river a second time and brought up a magnificent sapphire ring."Is this your ring?" "No Lord it isn't." Once more the Lord felt in the water and this time he produced a plain gold wedding ring. The woman cried out with excitement, "Yes that's my lost ring." The Lord was so pleased with the woman's honesty that he gave her all three of the rings.

Some years later the same woman was again walking by the river bank when her husband fell in and disappeared beneath the water, again she cried out and the Lord appeared. "Dear Lord please save my husband." The Lord went down to the river and came up with Brad Pitt. "Is this your husband?" he asked. "Yes it is Lord," the woman cried out. The Lord was furious and said to the woman, "Why have you lied to me?"

The woman replied, "Because if I had said no, you would have come up with George Clooney, then if I had no to him, you would have found my husband and then given me the other two as well and I felt that I wouldn't be able to cope with all three men." At this admission the Lord smiled and decided it was only fair to let her keep Brad Pitt after all.

The moral of this little story is that when a woman tells a little white lie,
It's always for a good and honourable reason.
Well, that's their story and they're sticking to it!

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