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Most of us will have learned to live with modern technology to some extent and some of us will no doubt have an answering machine to take those important calls when we are out. Although with the advent of my pet hatred the "mobile phone" and although I have one for emergency use, some people take their important calls anywhere they happen to be, usually right next to me and in a strident voice.

But what, if instead of praying, you had to ring God up on your mobile. Perhaps it would be His day off, so your call would be transferred to the answering machine and you would hear the following message:- "Thank you for calling my Father's house, please select one of the four options:- Please press(1) for all requests, press (2) for thanksgiving, press (3) for all complaints, press (4) for all other enquiries." Or perhaps you might hear the following message, "I'm sorry, God and all the angels are busy at the moment, but your call will be answered as soon as possible."

What a frightening thought, but fortunately God never takes time off, never has holidays and is always busy looking after our needs. We only have to call God once through prayer, and we can be sure that all our calls are received and because of Jesus, we will never receive a busy signal. God always answers each caller personally and knows all about them.

Despite all our modern technology, God always was, always is and He will always be there for His children to communicate with Him in prayer.

Remember, it's not the "Lord of the rings," which is important,
but rather, "Who rings the Lord."

Published Sun 11th Feb 2018 08:05:18
Last Modified on Sun 11th Feb 2018 08:05:18

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