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The Rich Man.

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There was once a very rich business man, who lived in a four million pound house, drove a Rolls Royce and was considered by all who worked for him to be the very epitome of "Scrooge." Even his friends at the golf club used to pull his leg about his wallet having moths in it, as he was loathe to spend any money and never seemed to buy a round of drinks although he would happily accept drinks from his friends. One day after Mass he was talking to his priest and asked,"Why is it that people always describe me as being stingy? Because when I die I have left a considerable sum of money to the church." The priest smiled and then replied, "Let me tell you a little story."

On a local farm a pig and a cow were talking one day and the pig asked the cow, "Why is it that everyone speaks so warmly about you and your gentle nature and bid sorrowful eyes, when they see me as a dirty animal, always covered in mud?" "I just don't understand it, I give them everything I have, I give them bacon and ham, I provide bristles for their brushes, they even pickle my feet! Yet still no one likes me, why is that do you think?"

The cow looked at the pig through her big brown eyes and replied, "That not all true, people do like you, but they like me more because I'm so generous, I give them milk every day, which is made into cream, butter and cheese. But the biggest difference between you and me is that I give them all these things whilst I am still living."

The priest smiled once again, looked at the man and asked, "Does that answer your question?" The man looked glum and replied, "Well it does give you food for thought, doesn't it?"

There is a story told about an old lady who was posting a present to her daughter in Australia. The post office clerk noted that it was well wrapped, but asked if it contained anything that could be broken. The gift she was sending was a leather bound bible. "Yes it does as a matter of fact, but don't worry they are called the Ten Commandments."

"Lord, help us to put the needs of others, before our own selfish needs."

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