The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds

The Papal Blessing

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A salesman went into a hairdressing salon his wife used and asked for a haircut. Whilst she was cutting his hair the hairdresser asked if he had been anywhere nice recently. The man replied that he was a sales rep and travelled all over the world on business, he added as a matter of fact that he was going to Rome the following week.

The hairdresser asked "Which airline are you travelling with?" The man replied "Air Italia." "Oh that's a terrible airline, you should have used B.A." said the hairdresser. Continuing to cut his hair she then asked "Which hotel are you staying at?" The man replied" I'm staying at the Grand; it's near St Peter's. The woman laughed and said, "You never are? That must be the worst hotel in the whole of Rome. Snipping away the hairdresser said, "I hope you're not expecting to get in to see the Pope whilst you're there, because you will have no chance. Two months later when the salesman dropped in for a haircut, the hairdresser asked, "How did your trip go then?"

The man replied, "The whole trip was fantastic, the air hostesses were all beautiful, the plane landed on time and the Grand hotel served some of the best Italian food I've ever tasted and I also managed to secure a private audience with the Holy Father himself." Obviously most impressed the hairdresser asked, "What did the Pope say to you?" The salesman said, "I knelt down before the Holy Father for his blessing and he placed his hands on my head and said something so profound and meaningful, that I'll never forget." The man paused as if overcome with emotion. "Go on," said the hairdresser, "What did he say?" The man continued, "The Holy Father placed his hands on my head and said, my son, that's the worst haircut I've ever seen, where did you get it.?"

Somebody loves you more than you know and somebody goes with you, wherever you go.

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