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Naughty Children.

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Children can be little angels or little devils, depending on their mood. My late wife was a primary school teacher for many years and at one stage they were having problems with bullying among the younger children. She told me that one day a little boy of 7yrs old was found crying his eyes out and naked in the toilets, the culprits had then stuffed all his clothes down the toilet. They wrapped him in a blanket and sent for his parents, who were so shocked at his treatment; they transferred him to another school. Bearing in mind the age of these children it makes you wonder about their behaviour at home.

The next little story is also about a mischievous child!

The boss wondered why one of his most valued employees was absent from work but he hadn't phoned in sick. Concerned, he decided to phone in case there was something seriously wrong.

He dialled the number and was greeted by a child's whisper.
"Is your daddy at home" asked the boss
"Yes" said the small voice
"Well could I speak to him?"
"No" replied the child, "He's in the garden
"Is your mummy there, can I talk to her?"
"No, she's in the garden too"
Hoping he could find someone with whom he could leave a message the boss asked
"Is there anyone else there?"
"Yes" whispered the child, "there's some policemen"
"Then may I speak to a policeman"
"No they're busy"
"Busy doing what?"
"Talking to mummy and daddy and the police dog men"
Growing more concerned by the minute, he suddenly heard a roaring sound
"What is that noise I can hear in the background?"
"The search team has been landed in a helicopter"
"A search team" said the boss, "But what are they searching for?"
Still whispering the youngster replied with a giggle....."ME"

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