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In The Midst Of Death

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There is an expression used at funerals, "In the midst of life we are in death." We live in an increasing uncertain world today, we have terrorist attacks, out of control fires, plane crashes and motorway pile ups, all of which result in death and destruction and heartache for many families.

So I thought I would cheer you all up with a little story all about death.

Mr Smith is on his deathbed and knows that the end is near. His nurse, his wife, his daughter and two sons are all gathered round his bed. As he had not made a will, he asks for two witnesses and a video camera to be present to record his last wishes. When all is set up and ready to record, he begins to speak. "To my son Bernie, I want you to take care of the Mayfair houses." "To my daughter, Sybil I want you to take over all the apartments in the East End." "To my son Jamie, I want you to take over all the city centre offices." "Finally, to my darling wife, Sarah I want you to take all the residential buildings on the banks of the river." The nurse and the witnesses are amazed, as they did not realise he was so rich and had such extensive property holdings.

As Mr Smith slips quietly away, the nurse utters a few words of comfort to his grieving wife and then added, "Your husband must have worked very hard during his life to accumulate all this expensive property." His grieving wife Sarah replies, "He didn't own any property, the idiot had a paper round."

In spite of the fact we complain and lament and view this old world with much discontent. Deploring conditions and grumbling because there's so much injustice and so many flaws. It's a wonderful world and its people like you, who make it that way by the things that you do.

For a warm ready smile, or a kind thoughtful deed, or a hand outstretched in an hour of need.
It's a wonderful world and it always will be, if we keep our eyes open and focused to see.
The wonderful things man is capable of, when he opens his heart to God and His Love.

Published Sat 23rd Sep 2017 18:59:32
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