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Summer holidays

As the sunshine and warm temperatures come our way highlighting the start of summer time, one cannot help but cast ones' attempt to plan a holiday of rest and relaxation, as the school terms are coming to an end for their summer break and where holidays from work have been chosen from a long time of planning hopefully, one can take a moment to plan a wonderful holiday with family and friends to exotic places or even to avail of the Yorkshire hospitality too. Even if you are unable to get away for a long break, you can still take time for a short break to have maybe a ‚Äėholiday day out' to somewhere nice with many places to choose from the East to the West Coast, or scenery from North to the South, to the hustle and bustle of notable places which bring great enjoyment.

So the holiday compass will guide you to the best destination to have a restful and relaxing time to recharge the batteries to enjoy life in every way. And so taking time to rest and renew is what Summer time is meant to be about, even for our prayer and spiritual life too. So enjoying and taking time to celebrate the gifts of life, love and faith with family and friends together are special and memorable times. I wish to all of our parish family a blessed and restful summer holiday, and that all of us will come back with renewed and restful spirits to our work, commitments and responsibilities with fresh perspectives, insights and be full of energy for all the tasks ahead.

Happy and Restful Summer to All!

God Bless,

Fr. Pat
Summer Holidays

Published Thu 20th Jul 2017 13:03:52
Last Modified on Sun 23rd Dec 2018 10:45:18

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