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Early Cancer Diagnosis Saves Lives

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Local researchers in Leeds are beginning an exciting new project, funded by Cancer Research UK, to improve early cancer detection. With around 29,900 people in Yorkshire and the Humber diagnosed with cancer each year, research into this area of work is essential. This innovative local research aims to accelerate progress towards the day when 3 in 4 people are surviving their disease for 10 years or more.

In April Professor Richard Neal embarked on the revolutionary Cancer Research UK funded project, CanTest, which will run for five years. Richard will lead the CanTest research in Leeds, and alongside a hand-picked team will investigate ways of bringing new and improved cancer diagnostic tests straight to GPs. The research will prioritise ‘difficult-to-diagnose' cancers, which are also associated with poorer patient survival. Professor Neal said "This research has patients at its heart. Cancer diagnosis needs to be improved, and new and better cancer testing is central to this."

Professor Richard Neal"I am a GP myself and I know how difficult diagnosing cancer can be, and the difficulties that some patients have in getting a prompt diagnosis. Getting the patient tested with the right test at the right time in the right setting should produce major benefits to patients and the NHS."

"It is thanks to gifts left in Wills to Cancer Research UK that researchers, like me, can continue ground-breaking work to help beat cancer sooner", concluded Professor Neal. CanTest will work towards the discovery of new and effective ways for GPs to diagnose cancers and discover how to maximise different methods in a local surgery setting. Ultimately this project has the potential to save time for GPs and patients and reduce the agonising apprehension of waiting for results. With early diagnosis being a defining element of successful treatment and survival outcomes this research could be truly lifesaving.

Leave a life-changing legacy Gifts in Wills fund more than a third of Cancer Research UK's work which includes essential projects like CanTest.

For more information and to receive your free pack on writing your will call your local Legacy Manager Jon Collins on 01423 709 380

Published Thu 20th Jul 2017 12:42:04
Last Modified on Thu 20th Jul 2017 12:45:05

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