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The Eleventh Commandment

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When Moses came down from Mount Sinai, he carried with him tablets of stone, on which were written the Ten Commandments. There has been speculation over centuries, over the possibility that there were in fact more than Ten Commandments and the others were lost or ignored. After painstaking research I have been able to establish that coming down the mountain, Moses dropped the tablets and a piece broke off and there was in fact an Eleventh Commandment which read: -

"If you want a long and happy marriage, then you will always do what your wife tells you". The fact that this has been lost for so long, may well explain the high divorce rates across the world, as we men were not aware of this until now.

God was greeting all the new arrivals to heaven that day and he said to them, "Welcome to your heavenly home, now I want the men to form two lines in front of me. On the left I want all the men who have been dominated by their women all their lives and on my right I want the men who have remained true heads of their household. While all this was taking place, God turned to the women and said," I would like you all to follow St Peter and he will show you the way to the kitchens where you can help prepare the evening meal." Turning back to the men God saw that on his left, the line of men dominated by their women stretched for miles, whilst on his right, in the line of true household heads, there stood just one man.

God looked at the long line and said, "You men should all be ashamed of yourselves. I created you to be the head of your households and you have let me down and not fulfilled your true purpose. Of all of you, I find only one man who has obeyed me - you must all learn from him." Turning to the one man on his right hand side, God asked, "How did you manage to be the only man in this line?" The man looked very uneasy and looked down at his feet as he replied, "I'm in this line because my wife told me to stand here."

The moral of this little story, ladies, is that before you die, you had better hone up your cooking skills, as you never know if St Peter will require your assistance in heaven's kitchen also.

Published Sat 8th Jul 2017 14:59:07
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