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What’s Your Dream?

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When we were at school we all had dreams of what the future may hold for us. As we grow older and our knowledge of life increases, we realise that while we may have achieved some of our dreams, others have turned out to be just that - dreams ..... or have they?

Andres Segovia was born in Southern Spain and began playing his guitar as a small child, but then it was little more than a folk instrument. But Segovia saw potential in the guitar for playing classical music. It was hard convincing people at first, but he persevered and eventually won over the classical establishment. Over the next eighty years he changed people's perception of his instrument and the music he could play. If it wasn't for his dream and perseverance, the music of the twentieth century may have gone in a different direction.

Then there was a man called Lester Wunderman who was fired from his advertising position with a firm in New York. Determined to prove to his boss that he had made a mistake in sacking him, he turned up at his office the next morning and worked as usual. He met clients and held meetings, all without being paid. Finally, after one month his boss sent for him and said, "Okay, you win, I've never met a man who wanted a job more than money."

Lester Wunderman went on to become one of the most successful and richest American advertising executives of the last century. What are we willing to do to achieve our dreams? Do we refuse to quit or work without pay?

Success always begins at the beginning, but if we too persevere, then we could be living the life that God always meant us to live.

Waste no more time arguing about what a good person should be Just try to be one yourself.

Published Fri 23rd Jun 2017 20:26:51
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