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A Lesson in Goodness.

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One day in the last century, a university student and his professor went for a walk in the country and as they walked, they came across a poor man tilling a dry barren field, hoping to grow enough food to feed his family and himself. On the road outside the field gate was a pair of well worn old shoes. The student turned to his professor and said, "Let's play a joke on him, we'll take away his shoes and hide them, then we'll watch his reaction when he can't find them." His professor, a kindly man rebuked him and said, "No, we won't do that at all, it would be cruel and we shouldn't make fun of poor hardworking people. Both of us are quite well off, so let's each of us put a gold coin into one of his shoes and see what happens when he finds them."

They hid behind some bushes on the other side of the road and waited, then about midday, the man left the field for a rest and began putting his shoes on. Putting on the first shoe, he found the gold coin, he looked round to see if anyone was watching, then he put it in his pocket. When he put on his second shoe, he was amazed to find another one and overcome with gratitude; he fell to his knees and thanked God for helping to feed his family.

The watching student was profoundly moved and his eyes filled with tears as he watched the man in prayer. Looking at him, the professor asked, "Aren't you glad you didn't play your joke on him?" "Yes," replied the now humble student, "You have taught me a lesson that I will never forget."

And that lesson is..... "It is in giving, that we receive."

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