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Mind Prayers.

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We all know that we can pray silently in our mind, without having to speak a word out loud. I’m also sure that all of us know about the power of unspoken communication. Many of us grew up with parents who didn’t have to say a thing to express their disapproval of our actions and make their will known to us. It could be a cocked head, or a piercing look, but we all knew what was being communicated and how we were expected to respond.

Our goal in prayer, should be to maintain a close relationship with God and communicate back and forth. We don’t have to shout, or use the right words, in the right order, because our heart is in tune with God.

There is a story told of a little boy who wanted a bicycle for Christmas and although he kept dropping hints, he felt that no one was listening to him. You see, he wanted a very special bike, it had to be blue with chrome mudguards and racing handlebars. Then one night as he was saying his prayers before bedtime, he started to tell God in a really loud voice all about the bicycle he wanted for Christmas. He was describing the colour, mudguards and handlebars to God, with his voice getting louder and louder. Eventually, his mother came upstairs and said to the lad, “George, you don’t have to shout at the top of your voice for God to hear you.” “I know that God may be listening,” he said, “But I’m shouting to make sure that dad can hear me as well.”

Jesus said, “Your heavenly Father knows what you need, before you ask Him.”

Published Sat 27th May 2017 06:34:45
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