The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds

�Our Father.�

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In the days before �hearing loops� had been installed in our churches, there was an old man who was profoundly deaf, but still attended Mass every week. One day a cynic asked him, �Why do you bother to go to Mass if you can�t hear anything?� The old man smiled and then replied, �I don�t have to hear God, to know he�s there, beside which I like people like you to know which side I�m on.�

One day during the bitter conflict of the American Civil War, a young battle scarred soldier, his uniform covered in blood was sitting on a bench outside the White House, visibly distressed. Along came a small boy and seeing the soldier he asked what was wrong and offered to help. The soldier said that he needed to see President Lincoln urgently as he had some vital information he needed to pass on, but the guards refused to let him in. Upon hearing this, the young lad said, �Come with me,� and he led him past all the guards who offered no challenge and led him directly to the President�s office. He entered the room without knocking and said to the man seated at his desk, �Father, this soldier really needs to speak to you as he has some vital information.� You see, being the son of the President, gave him direct and immediate access to his father.

Our belief and trust in Jesus, means that we too can bypass all the stuff that blocks us on our road to the Father. That�s why when we pray in Jesus� name, we don�t have to knock on doors, as we have direct access to God and are automatically welcome in His presence.
�One of the hardest things we learn in this life,
is which bridge to cross and which bridge to burn.�

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