The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds

Parish Pastoral Council for Blessed John Henry Newman - 4th May 2017

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The meeting started with a Prayer prepared by Moira Wager

Apologies: Josephine Abbey-Philips, Alison Armitage, Sheila Kennedy, Ben Science, Sr. Nora and Lisa Valentine-Jonsson
Minutes from previous meeting were read and approved.

Matters arising from the minutes:
  • Welcome signs in each church
    Corpus Christi’s poster will be in place by weekend 13th / 14th May

Youth & Family Ministry
  • Big Get Together (BGT) Mass 9th July 2017 update from recent meeting given by Patrick Bradley as Ben Science is unable to attend meeting. On this day it has been agreed the 10.30am Mass at Corpus Christi will be cancelled and people can either attend the vigil Mass but it is hoped everyone will attend the BGT Mass at 12.00noon.
  • The theme is “OUR PARISH FAMILY”. This is the WHOLE PARISH FAMILY not just young families. All groups in the parish will be contacted and invited to attend and come along.
  • A letter of invite to Baptism, FHC & Confirmation people to be sent out from the Family & Youth Ministry group but signed off by Fr Pat.
  • Is there anything like we had last year “The Door of Mercy”. Suggestions were made and these will be considered.
  • Possible an ice cream man or something different this year.
  • Possible a tee shirt or hat. Everyone could then take them home. Possible donation!
  • Promotion weekend 20th May (This is First Holy Communion weekend) when someone will speak at all the Masses this weekend and fliers handed out.
  • A suggestion was made to have invitations made and ask people who attend the meeting to invite 2 other people to come along and see what is going on.
  • On the 10th June there will be a rehearsal session. Venue not yet decided but it was suggested at Corpus Christi. One suggestion is of having a table top where groups can show what they offer. Possibly prior to this date there may be another meeting to show The Family Group DVD and see what interest there is. If there is interest there could be a launch in September.
  • All social media will be used and the parish magazine.

Alpha Course Feedback
  • The Alpha Course contact the other Christian churches in our area with the theme of “Who is Jesus Christi”. The other denomination churches have another idea of what “Alpha meant to them. They are aware that there is a Catholic Alpha programme. Our own group felt that there is something needed but not a Journey in Faith as we already have this. The group were asked to think of how they can share the person of “Jesus Christ” we all talk about with others.

First Holy Communion and Confirmation – celebrations 2017
First Holy Communion The first phase of the visiting is nearing completion. Those making their FHC at Corpus Christi will be visited over the coming weeks. The families visited so far appreciate the visits.

Confirmation 25th May: Visiting these families has not yet been arranged but is now urgent as the Confirmation date is fast approaching.

Parish involvement. It is hoped to encourage the young people to get involved with reading at Mass, serving at Mass.

Baptism: In due course it is hoped to then visit all the families of those to be baptised.

Children’s Liturgy at St Gregory’s:
Offers of help to assist the leaders of children liturgy has come forward but people are not willing to lead the liturgy.
Hopefully by assisting them they will them move on as leaders.

Refugees Crisis meeting in the Parish:
  • Phillip handed out noted from the meeting in the parish on the 4th April.
  • Attendance from the parish was very poor.
  • St Benedicts are having a meeting in their parish during Refugee week in June.
  • A lady in the parish is part of the Grace Hosting group and she is to write an article for the next parish magazine.
  • It was suggested that the food bank collection in each church should be a focus on certain items i.e. toiletries, etc. This should be moved forward ASAP by the SVP in the parish.
  • Possibly have a group who can help the refugees to learn English – but transport is a problem as asylum seekers have very limited resources.
  • Possibly a Refugee Crisis bottle in each church to be collected by SVP
  • More involvement face to face with the refugees.
  • In the parish we have a lot of different people from around the world. We could hold a possible shared meal with lots of cultures with different foods, clothing, music etc. It is suggested we arrange a shared meal in June / July.

Bishop Marcus Stock visitation 3rd / 4th June:
We are still awaiting the details of his visit. The Bishop will say Mass in each of our churches. We expect a visit from our Dean Fr Gerard Kearney before this date.

Annual Covenant / Leeds Citizens
  • The 3 categories are still Mental Health – Living wage – Opportunity for young people.
  • Over the next 6 weeks focus will be on the election. Husting meeting is to be arranged in this area to meet all the candidates when the names have been released. It will be either the 28 th May or the 4th June.
  • A fourth category will be Refugees.

Parish AGM
  • Do we want an AGM?
  • Bearing in mind the last meeting only had an attendance of 11 people.
  • People seem to feedback is it necessary as the PPC are doing their job and are approachable if needed.
  • Annual parish report for financial & what had happened during the year. This being a structured meeting. Requested for topics to be included must be put in writing to the PPC before the meeting.
  • The AGM is a meeting where people can express their opinions positive and negative.
  • It has been agreed to have meeting on Saturday 23rd September from 1.00pm to 2.30pm starting with soup & a roll.

Diocesan Pilgrimage to Ripon Wednesday 18th October.
  • Consider getting a coach but advertising must be early.
  • Make enquiries regarding cost

Devotions in the Parish
  • Divine Mercy - 23rd April Corpus Christi
  • Crowning of our Lady at 9.15am SG 9.15am ST & 10.30am CC ONLY this weekend
  • Vocations Sunday - 7th May St Theresa’s 3.00pm
  • Marian Service - 21st May St Gregory’s 100 anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima. 3.00pm
  • Day for Life - 18th June Corpus Christi 3.00pm Prayer & Devotion
  • Mass of the Sick in St Theresa’s 2nd July 3.00pm – 4.00pm

  1. Rachel Walker from Growing Old Grace-fully. Launching a resource pack today (4th May) for parishes on learning from and caring for older people. Rachel willing to attended the parish to present a workshop of 1 hour about the latest guide. The PPC agreed to ask Rachel to come to a parish. Date decided 12th July at 7.00pm in the conference room.
  2. Letter received from Tony Pickles regarding the installation of an defibrillator at the Newman centre. This is following an incident at a social event in September 2015. It was agreed but full training must be given. St Theresa’s school have recently installed one and this is not bought outright. Contact Judith Childerson to find out more details. Deacon Sean to follow this up with Judith.

The meeting closed with a prayer at 8.45pm
Prayers for the next meeting will be prepared by Marion Waller
Next Meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council
22nd June 2017

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