The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds


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1. Jesus joined the despondent disciples and listened to them. ‘We had hoped ...’ When you have been upset or disappointed, who has joined you along the road? To whom have you been able to pour out your heart? Who was a ‘Jesus person’ to you, listening to you in respectful silence? To whom have you been a Jesus person?

2. Jesus then helps them to see things in another light by opening the scriptures to them. When did you have the experience of finding your heart ‘burning within you’ with new hope for the future? Who/what helped you to change after a setback?

3. The disciples invite Jesus to join them at table – there follows a recognition of who he is. We meet many people on the road of life. Usually we meet and pass on. Occasionally we meet someone whom we invite into our homes, into our hearts, in a deeper way, in a way we had not done before. With whom has this happened for you? Where in these relationships have you experienced the presence of God or of Jesus?

4. After Jesus had gone the disciples went to bring the good news to others. When have you met others who told you what happened to them along their road? What effect did this sharing have on you? When have you done this with others? When was such a conversation ‘good news’ for you or others?

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