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TORCH Young People’s Group

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Monthly from Wednesday 1st March 2017

Largely due to some of our existing group leaders being unable to give of their time as generously as before for various reasons, such as busy starting new jobs or away at university, we have decided that from and including Wednesday 1st March we will meet monthly not fortnightly, on the first Wednesday of every month regardless of whether it is term time or not.

Each Wednesday session will last slightly longer from 6pm to 7.30pm; also, the longer time in between each first Wednesday will, we hope, help us to plan, prepare and provide an altogether better time for the young people. The games and crafts will continue, hopefully more inventive, creative and faith educationally more beneficial. Given fair weather we also aim to try to take the children out for fun and fresh air, at least to our local parks. Parents will be asked to complete a new form of approval. All areas of Safeguarding will apply as usual.

Being monthly we will strive to retain continuity: the very last thing we would want is for the youngsters to lose interest. For this reason, we would ask parents to mark their calendars so as not to forget each first Wednesday, ensuring the children keep on experiencing their old and new found friendships, food, fun and faith journey. Furthermore we would hope that our wonderfully supportive parents who see how much fun their kids enjoy, might promote the group with other parents they may chat with, at school perhaps?

Finally, since this new arrangement has come about particularly because of existing younger leaders being unavailable, we wondered if any older children out there (age range, around 15-19) may be looking to become involved with and think they might be good at planning/setting up group games and crafts etc with our youngsters? We’d be delighted to invite you along to see what usually pres- sure...just come along and see! Remember it’s the 1st Weds of every month 6-7.30pm. Many thanks to parents and everyone else for your support and co-operation.

Torch Group Leaders

Published Wed 19th Apr 2017 00:39:42
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