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So what exactly does a local SVP Conference do?

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SVP LogoTo kill the myth; the Saint Vincent de Paul Society doesn’t only help the poor...the lonely and the isolated, yes!

That is to say those who think and probably have no one else to turn to at that moment in time, for whatever reason; it might be a massive debt, it might be a legal difficulty, it might a person with a dependant family new to our country, keen to work but struggling to apply, it may be an individual with health problems, getting to and from hospital for treatment or to visit a loved one, mental health problem maybe. It might be that a husband, a wife, a partner or a child has passed away and bereavement support is needed – they need to know that someone, somewhere cares how they they are hurting. There are families or individuals who find themselves, perhaps through no fault of their own, on low income or on benefits meaning that they can’t afford this or that...a cooker...a easy chair...a bed... a table and chairs, a fridge freezer and it’s in the middle of a hot summer, sorting out some heating, blankets...a duvet and it’s freezing. Some families with Christmas almost upon them have no money to spare; all they have is to pay their bills and a basic food shop. Some quite simply have not enough food or have no food at all. Some families with children have no means to afford school uniforms or wonder when they will be able to go away if only for a few days for a break...a holiday. It may be that an individual for whatever reason is just plain and simple lonely; he or she may not be well kempt or is generally considered to be a bit weird or strange per the norm, whatever that is. They might not have any friends indeed ever have anyone to engage in conversation with from one day to the next... Forgive me for ‘rabbiting on’ like that but that is how it can would you feel if you were there, if that were you or someone close to you?

The BOTTOM LINE is that this is what a local SVP, your local SVP is all about. Your local SVP can do something about all the above. BUT, in order to do that, we need more of you to come forward, if only to give it a try (you will not be expected to visit on your own and you would only be asked for an hour or two each week – remember we all have 168 of those hours every week). With equal importance we need to be told about those who might need our help or you yourself give us a call. As ever absolute confidence will be observed.

The ONLY qualification needed to apply for membership is that you care, care about those much less fortunate than you.

I had no water...I had no food...I had no clothes

God bless you.


Published Wed 19th Apr 2017 00:14:03
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