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“Touch the Wound”

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A reflection by an SVP member.

When Doubting Thomas said “Unless I put my hand into his side, I will not believe” the Lord replied, “Bring your hand and put it into my side…” It’s as if He is saying you need to touch my wound. In touching the pain of Christ, Thomas almost merges into the flesh of Christ and thereby becomes a new man, crying out, ‘My Lord and my God’.

As SVP workers (Vincentians) we are called to minister to the weak, the vulnerable, those wounded by loss, loneliness, poverty, ill health, worry and so on. Even though these wounds are not visible, people bear heavy burdens and Crosses, pierced by the situations they find themselves in, and the indignity of lack of resources and support of various kinds. They are ‘lanced’ and ‘bleeding’ in their own way.

It is our calling to, “Put our hand to their side,” acknowledge their pain, provide some support, as if their wounds were the wounds of Christ - in doing so we meet the wounded Christ. “When you do this to My least brethren, you do it to Me.”

This we must do with deep respect, for as Bl. Frederick Ozanam said, “They are our masters.” And just as Thomas was transformed by touching the wounds of Jesus, we are transformed by allowing ourselves to touch and be touched by the ‘wounds’ of the lonely, the sick, the poor and the disadvantaged.

David O’Byrne

Published Wed 19th Apr 2017 00:03:22
Last Modified on Wed 19th Apr 2017 00:03:22

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