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Saint John Henry Newman

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Corpus Christi Primary

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Lamb of God
All our children preparing for First Holy Communion turned up for the service in church to make their first confession – Sacrament of Reconciliation. They are all well on with their journey of preparations now for the First Communion Mass on June 18th.

Holy Cross

Our Lenten journey began on Ash Wednesday with a Mass attended by the whole school along with our parishioners. The Mass was excellently led by Miss Guy and Class 7.

There will be class assemblies in school in the lead up to and during Holy Week as per the school calendar.

Meet the Creature

Last term Class 5 had some very special visitors; snakes, lizards, spiders and rats. The children were learning about a variety of creatures from the rainforests. The brave ones amongst them had a great experience handling all these different creatures!

St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2017
Easter 2017

A magnificent display from Corpus Christi primary school of their winning float in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

On the first time of entering the competition Corpus Christi primary school were proud to accept the winner’s trophy. There was a huge effort made by parents, grandparents, pupils and staff to make the float a success and Mrs Walsh accepted the trophy from the Lord Mayor with great pride and excitement. A big thank you to everyone involved.

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Published Tue 18th Apr 2017 23:31:22
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