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The Judas Poem

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There was a moment just before that kiss
When I felt the future bearing in on me.
He whom I loved and knew to be
Messiah was looking into my soul.
I dared to do what I knew to be
A gamble at best
With my soul at stake.
And yet I could not stop
And be left to wonder.
I felt the hand of fate upon me.
I did it and the kiss so sweet
In the reassuring recent past
Did sour my lips and burn my heart.
I knew then all too late
In that moment
I had sealed my future
Along with his.
But sweetness came from his death
And from mine only a curse
For my name is betrayal;
I hanged myself for shame.

Eamonn McGee


Published Tue 18th Apr 2017 23:29:34
Last Modified on Tue 18th Apr 2017 23:29:34

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