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The Triumph Of The Cross.

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Success in our world today is easy to measure: greater status, bigger houses, bigger cars and fatter bank accounts. But true happiness must surely lie elsewhere in our lives. An interesting character in the Easter story is that of Judas and why he betrayed our Lord; Did he suddenly think that our Lord’s teaching didn’t make sense any longer? Had he had a disagreement with some of the disciples? No, it was none of these; it was pure greed, the temptation of twenty pieces of silver made him ignore all that Jesus had taught him and so he sold his soul to the devil.

The example set by Christ to all of us, was to sacrifice himself in love and then to be raised up in new life by his Father. The triumph of the Cross is a triumph of love and we all share in this mighty triumph. “There is no greater love, than to lay down your life for your friends.” We hold on to these memorable words of Jesus, for we believe that we are the “friends” he died for.

The glorious mystery of Easter, is that Jesus stretched out his hands on the Cross and declared in his dying, “I love you all this much.”

A simple cross of simple wood, upon a hilltop silent stood.
And on that cross, a simple man, was crucified... it was God’s plan.
Yet standing here on Easter morn whilst watching such a perfect dawn.
That simple cross just seems to me, a symbol of eternity.
May the risen Lord open our eyes, so that we may all know Him.

Published Sat 15th Apr 2017 07:42:29
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