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Saint John Henry Newman

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1. A long story like the one we have today provides many different points of entry for prayer. Read the story and stay with what resonates with you. Some possible points of entry are:

a. The blind man was healed. Can you recall occasions when some blindness of yours was taken away and you could see in a new way? What was that experience like for you?

b. The Pharisees claimed to be the ones who could see,who knew where God was to be found, when in fact they were blind. It was the man born blind who showed himself open to see the hand of God at work in what happened. There can be some of each in us. What has helped you to be open to seeing the hand of God at work in your life? Who have been the Jesus people who have led you to this point?

c. There are many characters in the story: Jesus, the blind beggar, the disciples, the neighbours, the blind manís parents, and the Pharisees. Put yourself in the position of each one and see what you learn from identifying with them.

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