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Give & Take.

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A long time ago, there was a monastery which had a very generous Abbot; he was a good man who followed the word of God. No beggar was ever turned away and he gave all that he could to the poor and needy of the town. The strange thing was, the more he gave away, the richer the Monastery became. Word of his good works soon spread and soon the rich were falling over themselves to give donations to this devout man and his good works.

One day the Abbot died and was replaced by a new one with the exact opposite nature. He was mean and niggardly and he discouraged visitors, ignored the poor and needy and tried to make the Monastery rich by keeping all the donations he received. One day an elderly man arrived at the Monastery, knocked on the door, saying he had stayed there some years ago and was impressed by the welcome he had received and was seeking shelter again. The brother who opened the door to him said that the present Abbot always discouraged visitors, but as he was away at present, he took pity on him and found him a sparse cell for his stay. The brother said that the Monastery could not provide hospitality like it used to when we were wealthy, as now all our funds have dried up.

“Well” said the stranger, “I think you will find that is because you banished two brothers from your Monastery” “I’m sorry sir, but I don’t think we ever did that,” replied the brother. “Oh yes you did,” said the old man. One was called, “Give” and the other, “And it shall be given unto you.”

“You banished, “Give” so his brother decided to go as well.”

Remember! The smallest of good deeds is always worth more than the grandest of good intentions.

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