The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds


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Mary was sitting in her lounge enjoying a cup of tea, it was nearly midnight and as he watched late night TV she knew that she couldn’t go to bed until her son arrived home, he hadn’t phoned so she knew he wouldn’t be too long. Just then the doorbell rang and as she put her cup of tea on the table she wondered who could be calling this late at night, and then she wondered if her son had forgotten his key again. Opening the door she was confronted by two police officers who asked, “Are you Mrs Mary Wilson?” “Yes,” she replied,”Has something happened?” One of the officers asked, “Have you a son called David Wilson?” “Yes, tell me what’s happened.” I’m afraid your son’s car has been involved in an accident and he’s been taken to hospital.” “Is he badly hurt?” she asked. “I’m afraid we don’t know any details, but we’ve been asked to take you to hospital as soon as possible, as he needs an operation and your consent is required.”

Sitting in the police car with flashing lights and sirens they quickly made their way to the hospital. As she arrived at the hospital her mind was in a whirl and she was taken to an office where she met the surgeon. The surgeon told her that her son didn’t appear to be badly injured, but as he had a head injury, they had run a brain scan just to make sure. Unfortunately this had revealed something unusual and he said “We need to operate as soon as possible Mrs Wilson, to find out what this is.”

Sometime later the surgeon appeared, smiled and said “He’ll be fine now Mrs Wilson. By the way do you believe in miracles? When we operated on your son, we found a brain tumour the size of an egg. If your son hadn’t crashed his car tonight, he would probably have died within three or four weeks – he’s a very lucky young man.”

“I’m quite sure that sometimes in our own lives, we too will experience our very own little miracle.”

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