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A feeling of security is vitally important to everyone. Security means money in the bank, friends who can be trusted with our secrets, locks on our doors and windows and a good job with promotion prospects. There’s nothing wrong with our need to feel secure, but in the end the only security we have in this life, lies with God, so why do we all worry so much? Sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking that being busy all the time, will stop us from worrying. We say to ourselves, Yes! I’m always busy, but at least it keeps me out of trouble.

In reality, being busy all the time can bring even more worries and not less. We suddenly find that we no longer have any spare time to give to our family and friends and find it increasingly difficult to stop and relax, without feeling guilty that we should be doing something every minute of the day.

Sometimes we feel that we have the right to hang on to our worries, as though they give us some sort of security. We nurse them, brood over them and allow ourselves to almost enjoy them. Then we become victims of our worries and the stress they create, they dominate our thoughts and keep us from going to sleep at night.

When Jesus was feeling the stress of preaching to the crowds, he would escape to a quiet place with his disciples, so that they could shake off their worries and relax and then he would pray to his Father. We too should take all our worries to the Father and they would lose all their power and God would give us all renewed hope, even when times are hard.

“I’m at my worries day and night, with a hundred crochet hooks.”

Dylan Thomas.

Published Sat 21st Jan 2017 13:15:44
Last Modified on Sat 21st Jan 2017 13:15:44

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