The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds

Fr. Patís Induction Mass

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On Friday 7th October the parishioners of Blessed John Henry Newman Parish gathered for the official induction of Fr. Patrick Wall as the new Parish Priest. The Ceremony was conducted by the Dean of East Leeds Deanery, Fr. Gerard Kearney.

The formalities of the Rite of Induction included:
  • The reading of the letter of appointment by the Chair of the Parish Council
  • Fr. Pat making his Profession of Faith with his right hand placed on the Book of the Gospels
  • The bringing forward of Symbols of the Sacraments, The Holy Oils and a white and a purple Stole.
  • The bringing forward of the Bread and Wine for the Eucharist
  • The bringing forward of a copy of the Ecumenical Directory
  • The bringing forward of the keys of the three churches of the parish

As each item was brought forward, Fr. Pat confirmed that he was willing to accept his responsibilities and to carry out his ministry in the parish and the congregation also confirmed that they would pray for him and co-operate with him in his ministry.

Once Fr. Gerard and Fr. Pat had signed the document of appointment, representatives of other denominations came forward to welcome Fr. Pat as the new Parish Priest.

After the formalities of the Mass were concluded everyone present was invited to a faith supper in the Newman Centre.
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