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Parish Magazine - Christmas 2016

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A Christmas Season of Hope, Love & Peace

As we come to the end of our Advent Season we hear the call of John the Baptist inviting all of us to "Prepare a way for the Lord" to come into our lives once more, in remembering the Birth of the Saviour of the World who is Christ the Lord, coming to us as a gift from God the Father to all the Family of the World, to bring the gift of peace and a new dawning, once more, of the light of the world, coming amongst us to brighten our lives. He was born in the humblest and simplest of surroundings in a city of Kings known as Bethlehem, where in a stable scene his Mother, Mary, is full of Joy at his birth, and Joseph, full of wisdom and praise, is entrusted with great care of this holy and special family. We like the shepherds come to view such a holy and wondrous heavenly scene upon this earth, announced by the choir of angels to remind us, and renew our hearts, and for our family and friends, of how much God loves us, to send his Son to us, and take on our human story as his own, and be the hope and promise of all to come for all the family of our world, for today and for our tomorrow. This Christmas Season is a time of old memories recounted, and new memories to be created, on this great Celebration of this Christmas Day, in this Christmas Season.

I remember as a child seeing a Christmas card on display in a shop window which illustrated a unique and special scene that captured, in my mind, the meaning of Christmas. A recognisable and special visitor comes to the nativity scene and the wondrous sight which he beholds warms his heart with love to pray a special prayer for Christmas Eve. Maybe as you see on the card on the previous page and read the prayer it may bring to all of us, young and old, family and friends, once more the true meaning and joy of welcoming the greatest gift sent by God that all of us have received, of the Child Jesus being born in our hearts on this Christmas Day.

May you all receive the blessing and peace of this Christmas Day and a happy and healthy New Year.

Fr. Pat


As the words on the card are a little difficult to read, they are reproduced below:

�On Christmas Eve the other night, I saw the most amazing sight,
for there beneath the Christmas tree, was Santa kneeling on his knee.
His countenance was different than that all-familiar, jolly grin;
his head was bowed with hand to breast, and slightly tucked into his vest.
For there in a nativity was Jesus and His family,
and as I heard him start to pray, I listened close to what he would say.
�Lord, You know that You�re the reason, I take pleasure in this season,
I don�t want to take Your place, but just reflect Your wondrous grace.
I hope you will help them understand, I'm just an ordinary man,
who found a way to do Your will by finding kids with needs to fill.
But all those centuries ago there was no way for me to know,
that they would make so much of me and all the gifts beneath the tree.
They think I have some hidden power granted at the midnight hour,
but it is my love for You inspiring the things I do.
And so when they begin to open gifts for which they have been hoping,
may they give you all the glory for You�re the One True Christmas story.�

Published Sun 15th Jan 2017 11:43:21
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